New evidence appears to be emerging from the depths of this ancient Roman institution that may change views held by the world for millennia. See the latest news about these breakthroughs.
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Returning Temple Vessels From Italy?

Harry Moskoff on the authenticity of reports that Italy is in fact prepared to return the lost Temple vessels to Israel.

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Israel365 News

Vatican may release holy Jewish artifacts from its storage galleries

A recent initiative may be bringing Rome and Jerusalem closer together as the Vatican has expressed interest to advance a project releasing artifacts from their archives and allowing them to be placed in a museum.

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Award-Winning Author, Archaeologist Discusses Cultural Diplomacy and the Vatican

Harry Moskoff has begun what he calls his “latest and greatest” project as the executive director of the Vatican Museum Exchange Program.

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Paul Begley Prophecy

Vatican Secrets

Harry Moskoff in conversation with Pastor Paul Begley about the Jewish Temple vessels held by the Vatican.


Jerusalem Report Magazine

Holy Mystery

Harry H. Moskoff probes new evidence on Temple treasures in the Vatican

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Jerusalem Post

Close Encounters at the Vatican

This is the experience of requesting a museum exchange from the Vatican.

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Jerusalem Post

Is there new evidence of Jewish Temple treasures in the Vatican?

There are several people alive that can personally attest to being eyewitnesses of the Vatican possessing Temple vessels, including the Menorah candelabra.

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i24news Israel

Are the Temple treasures in the Vatican?

Harry Moskoff, Investigative Archaelogist, Temple Scholar, and author of “The Ark Report,” in studio to share his theories and evidence that suggest that the treasures from the 2nd Temple are still located in the Vatican in Rome.

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Israel365 News

Is the Vatican supporting Palestinians in order to keep Temple treasures?

Many rumors never go away and such are the rumors that the Temple treasures that were carried away by the Romans are hidden away in the Vatican basement. Rabbi Harry Moskoff is actively pursuing this myth, trying to determine if it is, in fact, true and if the treasures from the Second Temple in Jerusalem can ever be returned to their rightful owners in time to be used in the Third Temple.

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Align With Zion

Temple Vessels Update!!

Searching for the Ark, with Harry Moskoff. Investigative Archaeologist Harry Moskoff discusses the Ark, its purpose, location, and the dynamics involved including how the ark was hidden, secret tunnels, the Vatican, CIA and….bats.

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Byzantine Emerald Chalice from Jewish Syrian Heritage

Harry studying the inside of St. Peter’s Basilica

Rafaeli’s 16th Century depiction of a room inside the Vatican

Rafaeli’s 16th Century depiction of a room inside the Vatican – close-up

The infamous Arch of Titus in ancient Rome

Harry in Rome

Opening to the Vatican Museum

The famous Tiber River

Remains of the massive Temple of Peace, built by Vespasian to display the holy Temple vessels

The ancient Roman Forum

Harry Moskoff meeting with the Papal Nuncio, His Excellency, Archbishop Yllana

Meeting place on the Mount of Olives, the Apostolic Delegation of the Holy See in Jerusalem

The first delegation of Rabbi’s and Israeli emissaries blesses the Pope John Paul II at the Vatican

Vatican Swiss Guards

The excavations “scavi” below the Museum

St. Peter’s Museum, The Vatican