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Unlocking the Pope’s Treasuries: Our Sacred Right, 24 May, 2024

Ever wondered what was in the Vatican Secret Archives or the Pope’s Treasury Collection?


Jerusalem Post

What's true and false about the Vatican and Temple artifacts, 14 Nov, 2023

Currently, the official Vatican position is that it neither confirms nor denies possession of Herodian Temple objects such as the golden Menorah, sacred tables, altars, and priestly garments.


Israel365 News

Returning Temple Vessels From Italy?, 3 Nov, 2023

An article by Harry Moskoff on the authenticity of reports that Italy is in fact prepared to return the lost Temple vessels to Israel.


Israel365 News

Vatican may release holy Jewish artifacts from its storage galleries, 1 May, 2023

A recent initiative may be bringing Rome and Jerusalem closer together as the Vatican has expressed interest to advance a project releasing artifacts from their archives and allowing them to be placed in a museum.



Award-Winning Author, Archaeologist Discusses Cultural Diplomacy and the Vatican, 17 Mar, 2023

Harry Moskoff has begun what he calls his “latest and greatest” project as the executive director of the Vatican Museum Exchange Program.


Paul Begley Prophecy

Vatican Secrets, 28 Feb, 2023

Harry Moskoff in conversation with Pastor Paul Begley about the Jewish Temple vessels held by the Vatican.


The Ark - Tunnels, CIA, Bats and then some!

Align With Zion, 9 Feb 2022

Show Host AnaRina Bat Tzion Kreisman holds a powerful and gripping Zoom interview with Prof. Moskoff about all matters pertaining to the Ark of the Covenant.  In this video they discuss the importance and function of the Ark, its current location and the weird and wonderful things surrounding the quest to find and recover it.


Will the real Mt. Sinai please stand out?

i24NEWS TV, 20 October, 2021

Moskoff is a special guest on the Israeli show: Holy Land Uncovered regarding his research and latest findings on biblical archaeology, as he asks whether Noah’s Ark was actually discovered.


Secrets of the Lost Ark

i24NEWS TV, 23rd November, 2020

Moskoff is a special guest on the Israeli show: Holy Land Uncovered regarding his research and latest findings on biblical archaeology and the Temple vessels.


Secrets of the Bible

History Channel, 2019

See Harry Moskoff in his appearance in the History Channel’s “Secrets of the Bible” series


R' Harry Hirschel Moskoff tackles the Coronavirus Pandemic in Israel

Paul Begley Prophecy, 25 March, 2020

Harry H. Moskoff is interviewed by US Pastor Paul Begley about how the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel, and the unusual measures the Government has taken.


The Israeli/Arab Peace Plan - An Alternative Approach for Conflict Resolution: The Final Status of Jerusalem and its Holy Sites

Journal of Living Together, Volume 6, Issue 1

This proposal, by Harry H. Moskoff,  comprises an innovative solution to the issues that surround the US-brokered Israeli/Arab peace plan and the final status that is now pending implementation.


Ark Hunter

Conspiracy Unlimited podcast, 16th July 2019

Host Richard Syrett speaks with Harry Moskoff, an expert on Jewish antiquities who is searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant, which he believes remains hidden beneath the location of the First Jewish Temple.


'Incredibly Significant': One Man’s Quest for the Ark of the Covenant

CBN News, 5th July 2019

Researcher and author Harry Moskoff took CBN News through the Western Wall tunnels, up to the ramparts of the Temple Mount and into the chambers surrounding Judaism’s holiest site.

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