The a.r.k report
Secret of the Century™

A journey through Jerusalem’s ancient tunnels to the lost Ark of the Jews and the theory that connects them to the modern State of Israel. Adapted from the original research paper, lectures and public presentations.

The golden chest believed to have held the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, the Ark remains one of the most sought-after and mystifying religious artifacts in history.

For years researchers have attempted to determine where it might be or if it even still exists at all. It’s last known location was King Solomon’s Temple but when the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem the temple was destroyed and the Ark disappeared along with it.

Harry Moskoff is a researcher who has spent over 25 years attempting to solve the mystery. Sometimes referred to as a “Jewish Indiana Jones,” Moskoff believes that the Ark, which was thought to have been placed within a room of the Temple referred to as the Holy of Holies, may still be there inside a hidden chamber that was built underneath by King Solomon specifically for this purpose.

No direct archaeological evidence of King Solomon’s Temple has ever been found under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, has been hotly debated for centuries.

Moskoff’s quest to locate the Ark is the subject of his book – The A.R.K Report.

The Jerusalem Report Book Review