Writer/Journalist, Investigative Archaeologist and Producer of The A. R. K. Report

Remi-Award winning Film Producer and Writer of The ARK Report, Harry Moskoff is a Canadian-born investigative archaeologist and Managing Director of Moskoff-Media (Israel), MMLC. His intense interest in biblical archaeology and politics has made him a prolific contributor to many Israeli publications and an internationally acclaimed expert on ancient Jewish Temple artifacts (Roman period). He is also an ordained Rabbi in Israel and is a member of the White House Press pool, as well as related working groups, attesting to his many years of work as a research analyst on the subject of the final status of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation (ICERM); Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICM)

Harry (Hirschel) Moskoff is a Canadian/Israeli citizen heading up an Israeli Advocacy firm Moskoff-Media, MMLC which incorporates biblical archaeology and Scripture to counter false propaganda in the media. After moving to Israel in 2005, Moskoff worked in IP law for many years before writing his inspirational book, ‘The A.R.K. Report’, which has been termed by the Times of Israel as the “Jewish Da Vinci Code,” and endorsed by major media personalities internationally. He is a popular international lecturer/speaker and is a panelist that has been recently featured on i24news, IsraelFirst TV, and in The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Report Magazine, The Times of Israel, Breaking Israel News, Breaking Christian News, The Jewish Chronicle, RTS Switzerland, Media 24 Slovenia, ATV Hungary and Viva, Indonesia.

Moskoff is a journalist for many of the above-mentioned news outlets, and considered one of the foremost experts in conflict resolution vis-à-vis Jerusalem and the Middle East peace plan as a result of his many years researching with working groups on the subject.  He frequently travels to Jordan, Egypt, Qumran and Rome as well as other locations to investigate the subjects further.

He has a BFA (Hon.) in English Comp. from York University in Toronto as well as an MA/Rabbinical Ordination in Jewish/Israel Studies.  Post graduate diplomas were awarded in Applied Information Technology and Executive Counter-Terrorism from IDC in Hertzliya, Israel.

Rabbi Moskoff actively promotes understanding and cooperation with various minority groups in Israel and the region for peaceful coexistence, conflict resolution and mutual benefit. He believes that normalization with Israel’s neighbors is not only possible, but inevitable – based on respect for faith, tradition, and a new, innovative theory for a mutual code of conduct.

Moskoff-Media (Israel), MMLC was founded when his contributions were established in earnest, after gaining critical acclaim in winning international film awards for Best Original Drama, Best Short, and others.  His media company deals specifically with Israeli PR (“Hasbara“) using the history of Jerusalem and biblical archaeology to counter propaganda, while promoting the ancient Jewish connection to the Land of Israel in the forum of public opinion and mainstream media outlets.

For Israel’s 70th Year Independence celebration Moskoff is completing a 2-hour TV Special/Documentary that includes exclusive interviews with Deputy Foreign Minister MK Tzipi Hotovely, UN Ambassador Danny Danon, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Chief Rabbis of Israel, amongst other high-profile figures who endorse his ARK Report projects, etc.

Harry Moskoff is also a popular radio and podcast personality, having appeared on The Voice of Israel, Coast to Coast US, amongst others, and has written dozens of Op-Ed articles that critically analyze current events as they relate to the geopolitical scenario that surrounds Jerusalem.   He may be reached at:  office@harryhmoskoff.net  or by writing him personally at:


Preparing to go down into an underground structure/cavern below Jerusalem - Roman Period
Distinguished Speaker at the ICERM Conference at Queens College in NYC
Discussing the ARK Report with US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman
Interviewed by Jordana Miller on i24NEWS TV
Speaking at the Prophecy in the News Conference in Jerusalem
Tzipi Hotovely, Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Patrick Maisonnave, former French Ambassador to Israel
Dr Eli Shukron, onsite Chief Archaeologist for our excavations
Senior Advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister, Deputy Michael Oren
Governor Mike Huckabee
Alan Baker, Former Israeli Ambassador to Canada
Steve Linde, Former Editor in Chief Jerusalem Post
Danny Danon, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN
Behind the Scenes with the A.R.K Report